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A small-ish town in South Australia. Awesome place. Great beaches. Home to Farmer's Union Iced Coffee - the best iced coffee ever - and Fruchocs! On Saturday nights you can see our famous Aboriginal hula hoopist wearing a leotard on the sidewalk in Hindley Street as long as you don't get murdered or started on on the way there. Hq and Electrics play awesome dance/techno music, gotta get past the dickhead bouncers and the slutty door girls first though! You won't really fit in unless you're on a bender.. but it's Adelaide.. not too hard to join in that fun! Just look for anyone wearing a fluro shirt or sunglasses!! Adelaideeeeee is the best!!!
"travis, im in adelaide.. how do I make friends?"
"Just chuck on a fluro shirt, some sunnies and grab a few eccies and ull fit in in no time!!"
by adelaide rox! September 10, 2008

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