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n. Referring to one with bright orange hair and a bent for alternative sexuality. Typically disparaging in usage.

McDonald's rO-mO, "Ronald". Intentionally mispronounced proper name in advertising copy

See also: Dayne, homo del fuego
It was ridiculous, I had to spend my entire evening fending off Romo McHomo, which is why I kept receiving anal madness rather than handing it out when we were playing 'Blood'.
by ADD August 22, 2003
1.Hero can be some one u admire
2. some one ur fond of

3. An abreviasion!
1. Enistine is my HERO

2. Bob is my hero

3. heroic entertainers retro organizers (H.e.r.o.)
by ADD March 29, 2005
A girl who hunts for guyz basically
when a girl says they are/were a boy scout it doenst mean they were part of ur boy scout troop, it means they hunted for boyz
Kara: "I was a boy scout the other day" Frederick "boy scout?"
by ADD November 09, 2005
a word orginally used in spanish.
person one. "que paso perro" (whats up dwg.)
person 2 "nada much" (not much)

broken down into english.
Not a moo cho (its wat it sounds like,)
cho is a potato. the sentance then sounds like: not a cow potato.
1. did you eat your cho?

2. not a moo cho
by ADD April 16, 2005
a shortend version of the word retard
Jose" my comps such a tard" greg" curse it"
by ADD November 09, 2005
In between a bump and a Lump
That is a pretty big blump
by ADD March 25, 2005

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