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random words and words that don't exist. It also has words with differnt meanings than originaly thought.

1. Conspirisizing, the act of being a conspirisist.
2. Talking about conspirecy
3. plotting against or for something.
1. jon is conspirisizing

2. we are conspirisizing about flu shots

3. i am conspirisizing about the human race.
by ADD April 16, 2005
1. A bush that has moberrys
2.often used when going somewhere
1. Look! it's a moberry bush!
2.go around this corner to the moberry bush!
by ADD March 31, 2005
1. the act of making conspiries.

2. Conspirisizing about a certain subject.
1. the goverment is a conspirisest

2. he is a conspirisest about dogs.
by ADD April 16, 2005

Lit. "Homo of fire"

Typically used metaphorically in derogatory fashion when referring to the obnoxious or otherwise unwelcome behavior of another.

See also: Dayne, Romo McHomo
I was just minding my own business and then I had to deal with Dayne: Homo Del Fuego.
by ADD August 22, 2003
Dude is a really funny word.
1. DUDE (doode) means a person which one knows
2. a person in which u dont know
3. a way of saying hi
the best definition of all (and true)

5. an inficted pimple on a male wale's back
1. yo, dude, get me a soda
2.dude, where'd you get that. or Dude, what's ur name
3. Dude!
5. Did u see that dude on the sperm wale.
by ADD March 24, 2005
If somethhin is beyond gnarly, beyond curb, extreme to the max

"HEY, that was soo tag the curb"

"Omg, that was almost atag the curb jump!"
by ADD January 16, 2006
1. sounds like a really gross word

2.what it makes you think of

3. a funny word to say.

4. it is not REALLY a berry
1. schnozelberry, hearing that sound makes me want to vomit!

2. Schnozelberry's make be think of a snot berry.

3.Schnozelberry, it sounds really funny, but can u spell it?

4. A schnozelberry is not really a berry, but a word made up by Ashley and Bob.
by ADD March 31, 2005

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