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something you feel inside of your heart. a very very deep feeling. you never want to lose this feeling. when you see the person you are in love with your heart will race, then stop beating for a few seconds. you pray theyll talk to you, and when they do, the only thing you can do is smile, during and after. you talk back, but after you can hardly remember what happened because you were too distracted by how much you loved this person. you always want to be with this person, and when you are not, you long to be with them. it isnt just about the sex, you want to lay there with them and just talk and cuddle. you want to hold their hand, hug them, kiss them. anything to be with them. when they instant message you, you feel yourself get warm inside, even if its just to say hey. you may not be "dating" this person, but you can stil be in love.
the best feeling in the world

"i love this boy more than i love myself"
by adbkkdloveeeee March 13, 2010

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