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Wearing a bluetooth headset for cell phone, or perhaps donning some other techy device and wearing it on one's person; such as the Borg alien race have done in movies & television.
I saw this dude walking down the street pimping his earbud tunes, bluetooth jawbone headset with iPhone hip-holster, man! he was all borged-up.
by adavis3659 February 04, 2011
This term is a portmanteau, or a word made up from at least two others, in this case the words gigantic and global. In our webified world of global commerce on a gigantic scale it seems fitting that we add a descriptor such as giglobal to describe business, personnas, etc.
Whether we like it or not, Justin Bieber is giglobal in his fame!
by adavis3659 December 28, 2010
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