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a person who has sex with their jeans on because they are too shy for the girl to see their body
Jill: i was doing james the other day and he wouldnt take off his jeans
Sara: wow, what a jeans fucker
by Adassica November 06, 2009
When you put your cell phone on vibrate, then put it in a condom, and then in into your pussy. after you have done this, you take your house phone and call your cell phone with it a couple times.
guy1: dude my gf didnt have a vibrator so she used ur cell phone, whats that called again
guy2: i believe the term is Cell Vibrator
by Adassica December 18, 2009
when a girl covers your dick in chocolate sauce, green sprinkles, and some Whipped Cream. so it looks like a pine tree with snow on it. she then licks it off.
for my b-day my gf gave me an Arctic Pine Tree, it was cold but it felt good when she licked it off.
by Adassica December 18, 2009
when your in a circle of friends, and one of you friends stands in front of you so you cant talk to them.
chris walks over to your circle of friends and stands in front of you, you say to him "dude, stop Back Blocking me"
by Adassica September 30, 2009
to have sex in the snow
Joe: hey Beth want to go Flof
Beth: i would but there's no snow on the ground.
by Adassica November 09, 2009
when your having sex with an Irish chick and you pop her cherry and she bleeds all over your dick.
joe: i was fucking Christy last night and she bled all over my dick, i think it was a bloody leprachaun.
Rich: damn thats just nasty
by adassica November 06, 2009
when you pop a girls cherry with your penis, and blood gets all over your dick as you shoot your load.
you gave that girl a molotav cocktail, thats hardcore
by Adassica August 29, 2009

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