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Realists have a firm grip on reality and can see things for what they are, not what they are told they are. Realists have their own views and do not fall victim to propaganda, misconception, or titles!
1. There is the Pessimist who believes the glass is half empty!

2. There is the Optimist who believes the glass is half full!

3. Then there is the Realist who knows it is just half a fucking glass!
by AD218 July 31, 2008
A woman who has such a hairy pussy that through tight cotton spandex it appears that she may have a cock and balls.
It that girl packing meat, or is that simply a stubborn Clumper Muff??
by AD218 July 30, 2008
When an Anus is prolapsed or left gaping open from a large cock or object insertion, the amount of time it takes to close back up is the Gaper Delay!!
Dude, when I pulled the Nerf Football out of my girlfriends ass, she had a severe Gaper Delay!!
by AD218 July 31, 2008
One who is in to eating some serious ass! A tunnel rat is not a casual ass eater or one who may by accident come in contact with the anus while eating pussy. Tunnel Rat is reserved for those who have made an art form of eating ass!
After years of practice and honing my ass eating technique, I have finally earned the monacher of Tunnel Rat!!
by AD218 July 30, 2008
An excessively hairy dick that looks like it might have done a tour of duty at Woodstock! Aka a dick with sideburns.
That guy needs to tidy up his package, he is rocking some serious Hippy Cock!!
by AD218 July 30, 2008
A self inflicted Dutch Oven. Farting under your covers and pulling them over your own head to enjoy your gastro aroma!
Dude, I love smelling my own ass so much I am a frequent occupant of the German Furnace.
by AD218 July 30, 2008
A large uncircumcised penis. Or small to average depending upon your sense of humor.
If she is lucky, I will show her The Hooded Beast, up close and personal.
by AD218 July 30, 2008

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