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4 definitions by acie

a new slang word dat means gangsta. dont OD on usin it. refer to ur self.
ayo man, you now ganta, i am.
by acie May 07, 2005
4 4
da skoo in ny dat need to git itz rep up cuz we got laptops. oh yeah
ah ha. i go to mott hall 2 and i git to use laptops in class and you dont!!!
by acie May 07, 2005
12 18
da ugly lil grl datz related to aliana. she a lil biter dat eats food.
ayo doneika cummin!!!! run!!!
by acie May 06, 2005
3 9
da hottest last name a persin culd have. spanish for canary.
CANARIO!!!! be quiet and learn spanish!!!
by acie May 07, 2005
1 10