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A girl that is only with a man because she wants his money; shell spend it on jewelery, clothes, psa treatments, etc. Once he goes broke she'll go for another man that is rich or just plain financialy stable.
p1: rass dis gyal mek me buy she wun expensive necklace and wun fancy meal
p2: oh skunt, den she wun gold digger
by Acidplanet_member September 03, 2005
Diamonds that derive from sierra leone, or any third world country;Diamonds that require harsh and cruel labour to mine.
Don't buy conflict diamonds, it's wrong!
by Acidplanet_Member July 31, 2005
A multi-purpose word; used in the heat of any situation describing any event, person, or object. This word can replace the use of cussing.
p1: you seen those FOBs trying to breakdance?
p2: yea man, der such a Chawaz
example 2:
p1: shit guy why u gonna brush me like dat!?
p2: stfu you chawaz
by Acidplanet_member August 01, 2005
To Masturbate relentlessly.
After looking at that hot girl, whao i had to go knock a pump. Ater knockin a pump, i felt shameful.
by Acidplanet_Member September 20, 2005
A highschool Dj that has entered the game a few years ago and is making it big. He has released many mixes and is getting better after each one. He mainly mixes genres such as inidian, reggae soca rap and hip-hop.
I heard some mixes by Dj Tiger, but Dj Explosives mixes are wayy better dawg.
by Acidplanet_member April 18, 2005
A fastly growing group in Jane and Finch that is run by people of west-indian ethnicities such as Guyanese and Trinidadian. You can't touch this group because they got maad connections. Short word is JSS
Jane Strip souljahz run tingz
by Acidplanet_member May 23, 2005
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