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3 definitions by acid_lullaby

Swedish melodic death metal band, disbanded in 1996 but still extremely influencial and often touted as one of the founding fathers of NWOSDM.

Tomas Lindberg : vocals
Anders Bjorler : guitars
Martin Larsson : guitars
Jonas Bjorler : bass
Adrian Erlandsson : drums

Former members:
Alf Svensson : guitars
Gesper Jarold : violin

Jonas, Anders and Adrien then went on to form The Haunted, whilst Tomas Lindberg has appeared on various works and was/is involved in The Crown, Lockup and Nightrage.

Tip; when searching for At the Gates on google, type + infront of at and the, and maybe "Swedish" after it or you get random crap about fencing.
"Have you heard any tracks by At the Gates?"
by acid_lullaby September 01, 2004
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Stands for

New Wave of Swedish Death Metal
At the Gates are sometimes acredited with being one of the main driving forces behind the NWOSDM.
by acid_lullaby September 01, 2004
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