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Portmanteau of plutocracy (rule of the wealthy) and oligarchy (rule of the few). Rule of the wealthy few. plutoligarchs have a lot of political influence and can get the legislature to legislate laws for their benefit. They also usually spend a massive amount of money on advertisements the like to influence the opinions of commonfolk. In these kinds of governments, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Plutoligarchy can cross from corporatism (aka capitalism) to communism.
America is a plutoligarchy. China is a plutoligarchy. Cuba is a plutoligarchy. The UK is a plutoligarchy. Most countries, if not all, are ruled by a small amount of people with lots of dough.
by acfo April 13, 2013
(ee-oh-tuh or duh-jence) Portmanteau of iota and intelligence. Means, "very little intelligence". Also, iotagent means someone mentally deficient or lacking intelligence.
Rob: HAHAHA I ih SHITFACET! Ya no, I lyk gittin shitfaced foo. I also lissineng ta Lil Wayne foo. Thass jus how I roll foo.
Charlie: You're really iotagent.

Caesar: *tripping balls* Ayyo mayn... wat ih thuh skare rut of siddy-fo?
Jose: Fool, it's eight! And stop talking like that! You'll get us in trouble.
Danny: Your iotagence is showing, Caesar.
by acfo April 13, 2013

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