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the sound made when a person is having a stroke. can have any combination of h's n's and g's. Best used in mid-sentence.
The weather sure is fi-HHHNNNGGG

He told me last week that he wa-HNNNNGGGGG
by aceshigh1091 March 30, 2008
word said to very gayly trick someone into thinking you said dollars.
Bob- "hey man ill give you twenty doll hairs to eat that piece of shit."

Bob2- "ok ma- HEY WAIT A MINUTE."

Bob- "0mG LOlZZZ RoFlMaYo I GOT YOU!!!!!11"
by aceshigh1091 April 30, 2008
When someone takes greens from a bowl, this is the term to describe the smoke that rises off the bowl that resembles a jellyfish
bob: yo man hit that shit hard, you got greens.
joe: nice. *takes hit*
bob: oh damn, nice jellyfish
by aceshigh1091 January 05, 2008
Burping up smoke sometime after the smoking was done. The person was to lazy to exhale so they kept it in. and let it out later.
joe: Look at all that smoke, you lazy nigger
by aceshigh1091 January 05, 2008
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