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The art of arranging any room in your home where you might be masturbating such that nobody can walk in on you with your back turned.
My buddy got busted yanking it to youporn by his old lady because his office has bad spunk shui. His back was to the door.
#spank bank #adam carolla #beating off #jacking it #yanking it
by acefan February 27, 2009
Quirk-e-dy (Kwurk-i-dee) Noun. a film that employs kitsch and quirkiness to compensate for the abscence or extreme lack of humor and story.
(on John Waters) "He does movies that arent really funny, but theyre not comedies, theyre quirkedies" - Adam Carolla

"When you see a comedian drag a steamer trunk on stage...its time for the quirkedy" - Adam Carolla
#quirky #comedy #kitsch #funny #anti-humor
by Acefan May 31, 2012
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