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80 definitions by ace

The space between your rectum and your balls. Also known as the "guiche" in technical terms.
"Oh man, I just got my grundola pierced, that shit hurt!"
by Ace December 06, 2003
2 15
The sexual act of whacking your circumcised penis against someone's forehead thus leaving a mark in the shape of the head of the penis that resembles a spade. It's gotta be a circumcised penis tho. Otherwise it don't look right, trust me.
Then I gave her the "Ace of Spades" and it hurt because I whacked her skull too hard.
by Ace April 06, 2003
95 108
"Suffers On Closeup" Someone thought to be attractive or cute at a distance, but not after a closer look.
"There was this hot guy at the beach, but when he came over, ugh! S-O-C!"
by Ace February 05, 2002
1 15
Something that really sucks or is really bad...
Yo, that drum set is bootleg man...
by Ace June 09, 2004
70 87
going by your definitions i would consider myself a 'grunger', although reading what youve put about moshas, it sounds like youre describing someone who has outcasted themselves from society and, to be honest, dresses like a tramp. as some of you may see moshas and grungers very similar, i can say that the 'grungers' i hang around with have a shred of self respect and don't complain about things in the world which are not really happening.
someone who wears dirty clothes, doesn't really wash and listens to pointless music, such as nu-metal. (if you wanna listen to rock, listen to real rock.)
by Ace March 09, 2004
6 26
High on something; off in the Ozone layer of the atmosphere.
"Marc came over with some weed and we got zoned."
by Ace February 05, 2002
39 59
To get drunk really easily.cadbury

To dance like a muppet
shit dawg your hella chookie

yo shiznit you doing a chookie right now
by Ace January 19, 2005
14 35