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definition:personalized dumpster where nastiest bodily fluids go.
cam was finally made VIP today for being donald's personal cum dumpster for over 14 years. too bad he's not here anymore and couldnt see it.
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
when you try to make it look like you've been crying to get
some sweat drenching rough sex which usually goes unsuccessfully so you end up tapping yourself.
masturbation is an alternative word for cam tapper.

"stop it nasty cam tapper" said LaLa
"I'll buy you a vibrator for Christmas this year you disgusting slut""Just please STFU and live happily ever after with it""Capiche?"
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
Originally known in slang for "crying and masturbating" mainly used for attention getting video camera whores and sluts.For definite meaning refer to mac as well.

mac spelled backwards is cam

used in slang for
"crying art of masturbation"

by accidental creation March 08, 2008
asian broad who's pathetic vixen dream is to follow in the footsteps of the deceased Anna Nicole Smith by strutting her stuff in a retired seniors facility in hopes of finding her almost dead crippled sugar daddy.
Asianna Nicole Smith is so fucking gross now. She needs to stop it with all that fake and bake, fried as burnt toast tanning.
by accidental creation March 08, 2008

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