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373 definitions by ac

Bush Hating movie, exposing him for the prick he is
Anything hating bush is fine in my book
by ac July 14, 2004
59 93
"Diru" a disrespectful term used by Crips towards a certain set of Bloods called Pirus
Killin' Diru's all day
by AC March 06, 2005
58 93
All right
a yo im out a'ight
by AC August 19, 2003
57 92
n) The name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. Home of Nas and Mobb Deep.
Home Of Nas And Mobb Deep
by ac January 31, 2004
105 141
to tuines muchos cojones para peliear me- AC
by AC June 14, 2003
22 59
Your dad
Oh snap look at ET!!!!
by AC December 15, 2003
16 54
City with the highest Murder rate in America.
I watched a show On Baltimore, And it Informed me of the High murder Rates.
by Ac August 17, 2004
101 141