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Fellatio, Sucking dick
That bitch gave me blow
by ac February 17, 2004
Slitting a man's throat and pulling his tongue out through the hole; Invented by Colombian Drug lord Pablo Escobar
Yo did you see that guy's toung comming out through his slit throat? that shit called the Colombian neck-tie
by AC December 23, 2003
something you can say to Anybody
Wassup son?

Shit Son!
by AC December 02, 2003
To use Physical force also the Colombian Guerilla (im from colombia LAtino 4 life)
Lets gorilla this nigga
by AC June 24, 2003
Fucking gay schools where a certain number of students are allowed. Nothing interesting happens in charter schools. Little bit of people.
Fuck why the hell did I have to get accepted to this gay charter school.. I wanna go back to my old public school.
by AC March 20, 2005

Basically used to diss robot games such as Mech Warrior and Armored Core
by AC May 18, 2003
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