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Spanish for Lawyer
¿Como estas Licenciado?
by AC December 01, 2003
The End of the vagaina
Damn man, my dick was so big I hit rock bototm
by AC September 24, 2003
1) Prostitute
2) Asshole
"How you like me now, puto" -- Cypress Hill
by AC February 02, 2004
1) A gangster or criminal.

2) In the way of a gangster.

3) A style of rap that evolved in South Central, Los Angeles.
1) Damn look at that Gangsta, he a crip

2) no example

3) Gangsta rap is The Shit
by AC January 31, 2004
1. Orange County

2. Organized Crime
1. The OC is a rich town

2. Mafia is organized crime
by AC January 29, 2004
Slitting a man's throat and pulling his tongue out through the hole; Invented by Colombian Drug lord Pablo Escobar
Yo did you see that guy's toung comming out through his slit throat? that shit called the Colombian neck-tie
by AC December 23, 2003
1) Heroine

2) Something cool or phat
1) Take some of this dope

2) Yo the new Tupac cd is dope
by AC November 29, 2003

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