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insult for under police Protective Custody while in jail
he's in punk city that fucking pussy
by abysinth July 07, 2005
insult regarding someone (usually white) who is a fan of japanese culture including anime fans. although people inside japanese fandom make distinctions between who is really wapanese and who isn't, the common perception to those outside of fandom is that anyone inside this fandom is open to the insult.
anime lover: I'm not really wapanese because I'm not obsessed with all things japanese.
japophile: I'm not really wapanese because I study japanese history instead of just using japanese words in conversation.
baka baka: I'm not really wapanese just super-kawaii because I'm not obsessed with japanese food.
pocky man: I'm not really wapanese because I don't pay harajuku girls to follow me around.
gwen stefani: I'm not really wapanese because it's not like I pay my harajuku girls to talk to me... right? heyyy, where is everybody? Oh, whew, at least Angel, Music, Love and Baby are still here.
by abysinth July 07, 2005
slap to the face using the back of the hand. called a pimp slap because the large rings a pimp wears will cut the face when hit with the back of the hand. this is distinct from a bitch slap which is with the palm of the hand.
he didn't get pimp slapped at the restaurant fight, he got bitch slapped.
by abysinth July 07, 2005
similar to poontang but refering to anal sex instead of vaginal genitalia. heterosexual anal sex because female baboons are known for their red bottomness.

possibly refers to gay anal intercourse. also boontang.
"I'll get some baboontang up that hershey highway."

The bigger and brighter the female baboon bottom, the greater the fertility of its owner, according to a study published in "Nature".
by abysinth July 08, 2005
similar to holler (holla) or call back
he called me this morning and I'll give a scream later
by abysinth July 07, 2005
same as escape

used in hospitals for mental patients who are "elopement risks"
doors are kept locked 24 hours a day to make sure no one elopes
by abysinth July 10, 2005

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