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1 definition by absolut tarita

Sadly much of the fame of "reggaeton" started in Puerto Rico, it was highly influenced by what before was called "underground". In these past few years it has spread all over the world, but that is not only because of Puerto Ricans, it is because of a demand for really bad music that is occuring everywhere, from Britney Spears to Daddy Yankee. The lyrics are pretty lame, ignorant, and it is very popular among many.

Do not associate Puerto Rico with Reggaeton though. In this island there is also a constant battle with this shit, and not every young person here cares for it. We also listen to other music that is a great part of the culture, from salsa and merengue, to bomba and plena.

From a 22 year old Puerto Rican from the mother fucking island..... FUCK REGGAETON. period.
el reggaeton es una mierda.
by absolut tarita June 29, 2006
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