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2 definitions by aboomboxisnotatoy

adj. noun: A person who, even if there ipod is in their ears, they turn it up all the way. Someone who doesn't understand the reason there are boomboxes.
"The flight was great, until the guy next to me became a blastaholic." "She told me if I become a blastaholic, I won't ever hear again." "He is such a blastaholic."
by aboomboxisnotatoy April 06, 2009
7 1
adj: A word used to describe a person who moves like a T-Rex.
"Wow, look at her, those shoes make her a rex." "Well, yeah she is a swagger jacker by stealing that outfit idea, but at least her skirt makes her a rex." "he is so fucking hot, but he moves like a rex."
by aboomboxisnotatoy April 06, 2009
11 26