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A seemingly tall but optimistic, horrors-obsessed music freak/guitarist/vocalist/would-be neonraver who spends their time writing songs about their friends, listening to indie bands, backcombing their hair (therefore needing to purchase a great deal of Shockwaves hairspray) and not giving anything about the damage it causes, rave-going and gig-going. Has an obsession with cheese and ketchup sandwiches, the tv programmes Heroes and The Mighty Boosh and generally gets on with life instead of being hindered by the stress it brings along. Often imitates oneself as Sylar (the ingenious character of Heroes who claims to be able to 'fix' people), and would like to possess a pair of winkle pickers. Repeatedly informs people about the true definition of the word mong. Doesn't believe in iPods.
I saw Merixcil in town the other day coming out of HMV with her bassist friend!
by abi123 February 14, 2008
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