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Lindsey's drunk alter ego. A woman hell bent on having a fucking awesome time by slamming many a drink rapidly and often. Slam tam has several catchphrases including: "I like to party!" and "I fuck on the first date." If you encounter slam tam do not be afraid for she is a kind drunk who just wants to party.
Drinking Mamosas, huh? Slam Tam must be coming out today.

I was trying to be responsible but I went out with Slam Tamlast night.

I don't think we have enough liquor if Slam Tam is coming over
by abeler September 22, 2008
Nickname for Andrew

Greeting for Andrew. Said either in a thick West Virginian accent or creepily whispered. Generally followed by the salutation "I know who you are."

Noun: The unknowing, accidental release of one's personal thoughts whispered creepily, noticed by others.
What Andrew What Andrew!!!

"What Andrew What Andrew.... I know who you are."

"That was as weird as when that nutty chick whispered What Andrew What Andrew How creepy."

by abeler September 22, 2008

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