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2 definitions by abcdefghijklm

A word often used in clubbing circles to describe the excessive use of a certain musical element in a song/artist. Overdosing as a technique is used mainly to create a heavier, more energetic and raw feel. Overdose can be applied to any aspect of the music but is most often used to describe an excessive amount of synthesizers, effects, or bass drum.
Clubber: God, I love (artist name here). They fucking overdose that shit.
by abcdefghijklm January 03, 2008
5 38
A small penis with only one testicle. Can be a way of describing someone with a cecily. Also can be another way of saying dyke.
I was in the locker room, and I saw this guy with a cecily.
by abcdefghijklm January 06, 2008
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