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Brandon is a very strong, independent guy. He always straight-forward and very honest. You could trust him with your life. He's hilarious, and cute. You could drown in his eyes. Brandon typically has blue eyes, and brown hair. He loves sports & enjoys playing them too. He's the perfect boyfriend but don't toy with him or you'll lose him forever. He's easy to fall for but you must be very special for him to fall for you. He has tons of friends, boys and girls, but will always have one place in his heart for the one he loves. He's made plenty of mistakes in life, but if you're that one girl than he'll never call you one of them. If he falls for you, you'll be his best achievement and he'll be sure to tell you that. Stay with him until the end, you were meant to be.
Man, Brandon is so honest.
He's cool to be around.
He's the best guy ever.
by abcdefghijkl<3mnopqrstuvwxyz September 22, 2012

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