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-high school north of LA in stevenson ranch
-southern california state champions (band/flag team)
-white kids, mexican kids, asian kids some black kids
-the whole hip hop team is asian and some asians act like they are gangster
-kids w/ parents that are in denial of their childs activities
-some really rich kids, some kids in the middle, some poor
-mostly pretty nice
-no one wants to admit they come from a straight edge middle class family so some (alot) people ruins their opportunities by creating a bad situation for themselves by participating in unneccesary idiot drug use and violence
a couple groups: bros/brohoes, emo, gangster, preppy , misc.
-special group of girls who are rich and preppy but try to act hardcore and gangster (mostly in their speech)
Brooke: OMFG Melly Melly Bo Belly you were totally wasted last night
Mellissa: STFU betch! lol i cant believe you B-Dawg, what ever

Juan: Puta! I love the Raiders and being Mexican
Pedro: Hell yeah, "Hecho en Mexico" but I wish I didnt go to West Ranch High School so I could be un pequito mas ghetto
by abcdefg1234567! December 07, 2007
-smallish town about 20 minutes away from "the valley"
-LA county
-mostly whites and mexicans
-go to west ranch high school and valencia
-lots of teens
-10 minutes away from Santa Clarita
-by Town Center Magic Mountain
A:Castaic is so much better than santa clarita, huh?
B:Basicly yeah, but i dont know they seem more spoiled and stuff
A:Yeah true I think we're like the ghetto behind Newhall
B: But not really we're pretty spoiled
A: Oh yeah huh
by abcdefg1234567! December 07, 2007

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