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Arguing through text messages as apposed to arguing over the phone or in person, which can be more ackward if you have some real shit to say. Since it is not a verbal conversation, one might be more likely to speak their mind... One of the advantages of text messaging.
Or in the event that a disagreement comes up during a text session it may become an argument or "text battle"
Example 1-

John: wat up alex, wanna chill?

Alex: idk what u wanna do

John: anything. im at my girls house right now tho. wanna hang after that?

Alex: wtf man. y did u ask me 2 chill if ur busy u fuck.

John: well i wont be busy later. calm the f down dude i was just askin

Alex: u only wanna chill later cuz ur girl has a curfew & u cant hang with her then... dick.

John: screw u then

(A perfect example of a text battle.)
Sidenote- John is a dick.

Example 2-

Michael: dude lets go c the new batman movie

Tom: u dont even know batman

Michael: well im getting tickets. btw i fucking met batman

Tom: ur an idiot. btw who says that?

Michael: 4 real i met adam west who played batman on tv. he came to the mall when i was a kid. jackass.

(Michael will then send Tom a pic message of the photograph of batman that he got signed by Adam West at the mall when Michael was a little boy... Michael wins the argument or the "text battle")
Sidenote- Tom shouldn't run his mouth
by abcdef g rated July 21, 2008

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