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1 definition by abc321

A total Noob character in Metroid prime hunters. When facing a trace its like finding a black guy at night school because he turns invisible and thats ALL what trace users do, also they snipe you WHILE there invisible, and when there not doing that they are in alternate form WHICH ALSO MAKES YOU INVISIBLE AND DOES 60 damage when they attack you in alt while your health is at 90 by default. When facing trace you would rather stick the Titanic and Gabe Newell up your ass because you can never find trace, but trace ALWAYS FINDS YOU. You will always get sniped in the head and can never ever have fun. Trace users also whine and complain about Sylux users just beacuse sylux is fast and they cant get a headshot on him, they will never let go of that even after 2 years. Its actually quite sad to see some nerds argue pointlessly about a game, even after wasting 2 years of their life arguing.
If you use trace its ok, but if you use trace as you main character then your a nub.

Also, click the Sylux button to see what I mean.
by abc321 November 19, 2007