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Left his soldiers to fight the war that he started, while fleeing the country with millions of dollars.
Lieutenant Dicamillo was captured last night.
by ABC March 21, 2004
japneese salad referred to in "South Park" as a swear word. Most likely doesn't exist
Mmmmm, I could go for a bowl of microb.
by abc October 19, 2004
Contraction for "Go Horizontal" ... the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee move where a player propels himself horizontally, parallel to the playing surface, in an attempt to catch a disc thrown to him. Similar to a move in baseball where an infielder leaps and stretches to snag a sharply hit ball just barely within his reach.
"Dude, I had to completely 'go ho' to get that one."
by abc July 16, 2004
A trick where you face a wall, jog towards it, and take one or two (SOMETIMES more) steps on (up) the wall and execute a backflip off of it and land facing the wall. Attention getter (GUARANTEED to impress the ladies; this move alone could prolly get you some pussy). It's WAYYY easier than it looks because you're only doing 3/4 of a backflip. Go try it!
Wow! That boy looks like a ninja doin them wall flips!
by abc April 06, 2005
An algebra II teacher who goes home everyday alone.
Miss McElwan practiced matrices at home while watching tv and cooking herself a little meal.
by abc November 20, 2003
A common saying from nn2s and project decoy coined by Kelly, used to tell mec to shut up.

Generally used to end conversations with people you dislike.
"Shut up, mec."
by abc February 28, 2004
Minh Ha beo,nhieu chuyen,but anyway de thuong
Ban nhieu chuyen nhu Minh Ha
by abc September 04, 2004

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