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really small boobies
keep your hands of my boobettes assface
by abbi mazz April 12, 2003
when you walk around and see a group of ghetto people all dressed the same;and in winter, they are all wearing the same quilted black puffy coat. they also walk in synchronization and talk very loudly
any 3 or more ghetto people in a row
by abbi mazz April 04, 2003
when someone you know looks like somone better, just slightly more retarded looking
oh my god! there he is! its rob's dar-dar look alike!!!
by abbi mazz April 10, 2003
someone relly dumb, stupid or annoting
"no assheads allowed!!! that means you Milo!!! you asshead!!!" - - - the Oblongs
by abbi mazz April 10, 2003
people that absolutely HAVE TO go online on their cell phones, even while thrir other screen name is on while theyre not home. often, they stay on for extended amounts of time.
jeezeus what an aimfag. shes been online from her cell for 2 hours!!!
by abbi mazz April 18, 2003
a stupid ass, dumb shit, shit for brains, retard, asshole, idiot, etc...
god mike is such a dar-dar!!!
by abbi mazz April 10, 2003
when you crumple your toilet paper and the layers arent right and you end up wiping your asshole with your finger. folding the toilet paper prevents this.
cmon...what more do you need?
by abbi mazz April 24, 2003

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