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What's the universe you say? It's this.
by aaandreeewww May 25, 2009
A term describing someone who only talks to you via facebook, and avoids interaction outside of it.

This is sometimes because one person simply wants another friend on their friend-list, but it can also be mutual.
Guy #1: We talk on facebook all the time, and then when I wave to her at school she looks the other way.

Guy #2: Hm. She seems to be a facebook-exclusive. I wouldn't count on a real relationship with her.
by aaandreeewww September 19, 2009
Smiley Over-Usage Syndrome.

Commonly seen among teenagers trying to add emotion to their chats, e-mails, etc. The disease is also common among pedophiles and stalkers trying to make their alter-ego seem more realistic. It is very easily contracted, even via the internet, and has become an epidemic throughout sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.
"Haha :D I totally know ^_^ XD :P"

"You need to get tested for SOUS."

"I know D: ;( :O o_O"
by aaandreeewww July 14, 2009
The nerd equivalent of adrenaline, a nerdrenaline rush is when a nerd, geek, or dork engages in an activity that stimulates them in ways that only nerds truly appreciate.
Nerd #1: Dude, the ending of Star Wars Episode VI always gives me a huge nerdrenaline rush.

Nerd #2: Yeah, same with me. That, and the Discovery Channel.

Nerd #1: Totally.
by aaandreeewww July 13, 2009

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