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A male who drives a lifted truck, wears Tapout clothing, follows UFC, wears shades and a hat (sometimes backwards), listens to metal, has a submissive, blonde girlfriend. Some are muscular, others a twigs who act tough.
Passenger: "Who was that guy tail-gating you?"
Me: "Probably some meathead."
Passenger: "How do you know?"
Me: "It was a lifted truck with a Tapout bumper sticker."
#dumbass #meat head #derp #asshole #dickhole
by a_sh0pping_cart June 24, 2010
What a douche bag calls girls he is trying to flirt with.
Girl: "What's up, -insert guy name-?"
Guy: "What it do, Miss Thang?! =)"
#douche #bag #bitch #ho #skank
by a_sh0pping_cart June 13, 2010
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