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An individual who sounds like they are pooping when they breath (brooping) and always sits with his legs spread and his his ballsack split evenly between the seam of his pants.
Broopsack turned around from his desk and started talking to me, and I became very distracted.
by A_dawg February 13, 2010
Using a boner to give a hair cut. Might also be confused with getting a boner from a hot hair dresser.
Getting a haircut with a boner - it was quite the Boner Cut!
Getting a haircut and a boner - it was quite the Boner Cut!
by a_dawg February 19, 2010
It's swampass of the neck.

The condition occurs if an individual's neck is larger than his or her chin and jaw and it's warm enough to make someone sweat.
The man's collar was soaking wet from excessive swampneck.
by a_dawg February 22, 2010
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