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A person (can be male or female) who harbors a deep love for The Legend of Zelda (LoZ)
"I have played every Legend of Zelda game ever made! Proud LoZbian here!"

"Hey, do you like The Legend of Zelda?"
"YES! I'm a total LoZbian!"
by aSexyNerdyGirl November 18, 2012
A C.U.N.T, which stands for Can't Understand Nerd Tendencies, is a group of people (mostly female) who are non-gamers or do not have "nerdy" interests. They fill the air with their incessant ravings about video games and gamers. They are usually in a relationship with a gamer (who never hid their gaming or nerdy interests) whom they constantly nag, criticize, and badmouth for it.
Josh: "Hey Dude, why weren't you online last night?"

Adam: "I'm sorry, man. The Cunt was harping about me playing so much so I took a night off."

"That C.U.N.T. has the nerve to complain about me playing my new game. She said she wanted to spend time together. I turned it off to do so and ended up watching Twilight..."

"My cunt of a boyfriend broke up with me because I declined his invite to hang out at the mall in favor of playing Zelda...."
by aSexyNerdyGirl December 02, 2012
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