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Used to be the best childrens channel. Had classics like salute your shorts, ren and stimpy, Rocko's modern life, Are you afraid of the dark?, Hey Arnold!, Doug, etc. The All that and Keenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Slime time live, and some other shows came along. Oh, and so did Spongebob. Then Zoey101, Ned's declassified schools survival guide, etc. came along. All of these shows were good at first, ESPECIALLY THE 90'S SHOWS, but then nickelodeon got ruined by pop culture which meant taking away the best shows of all. Now there's crappy shows like Victorious, Big time rush, icarly, etc. That's 2011 for ya.
90's kid: Damn i wish they brought back all those amazing nickelodeon shows!

Non 90's kid: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU'RE SO WRO-omg i gotta go catch the new episode of Big time rush!

90's kid: I hate you.
by a90skid July 11, 2011
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