1 definition by a true whitey thats half proud after seeing these cunts

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you sad cunts need to grow up. i'm white and i aint never had no trouble with asians. Where i live(london) everyone mixes with everyone. people date whoever, asian/black whatever. i even dated a couple asian girls before. And yes it was ALL THAT. and i would no doubt date one again. you stupid cunts dont know what you're missin. i ave a few asian mates too, so why the fuck would i want to down their whole people if they are alright with me. you nob heads dont know fuck all about your country. you aint got a clue about nothin. all that you are doin is stirrin up racial hatred with people unlucky to know ya silly pricks. people like you i'd be glad to give a good kickin. my uncle got robbed by some pakistanis at gun point, but he aint hatin them cos of that and neither am i. theres bad people in every colour. all i hear is you lot sayin, they smell like shit, they smell like curry and insults like that. where the fuck have you been cos i never had the same problems as you. if thats the only problems, thats just fuckin pathetic cos you know it aint true one bit. i bet some of ya cunts smell like piss and worse. sort it out!. i like curry too, it goes nice with a couple of beers and the footy. paskistanis feel free in my country, its yours too. ignore these stupid twats. me and my mates aint nothin like these geezas. they are thick cunts that blame all their problems on other people, cos they are fuck ups themselfs, i dont know what the problems really are. they are just making up bollocks. fuck ya!!. its you lot that should be kicked out my country.
sort it out ya dumb fuckin cunts! stop makin our country worse then it is. I been inside 4 times, and when i was there i made a few mates that were pakistanis. they are no different to us. dont fuckin stir cos it aint doin nothin!

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