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Severna Park has more then 2 liquor stores it actually has 4 the only thing that should be fixed in Severna Park is that they should make one of the McDonalds that are across from each other on Ritchie Hwy. a Burger King. Recently Severna Park is becoming a lot more like Glen Burnie and I believe the most popular illegal drug is and has always been weed. I would say cocaine is next followed by the up and coming crystal meth. Severn sure is snobby but that is also where all the heroin attics go. People who go to Severn who may have been ugly before sometimes become attractive after thier freshman year. Lacrosse really isn't as big as it used to be in this area. There is an unusual amount of youth groups at the public school and people kill each other if it means getting an A in honors. Many of the mothers in Severna Park are addicted to pills and also drive large SUV's. Really Severna Park isn't as onesided as it seems. There are all types of diffrent people that live there but most of them wouldn't have a problem with wearing a pink pollo shirt.
;iquor stores are as follows....dawsons, the one next to old navy and such, the one on benfield and the one behind KFC
by a resident March 17, 2005

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