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here is my opinion of aberzombies,im not saying that the clothes suck. im saying that the people that wear them are the sheep of society that cant think for themselves. they act like the dicks they could never be in real life,to people who actually live. I, may dress mor elike a zombie but at least i dont treat worthless douchebags like shit (to their face anyways) honestly the clothes are over priced and go to the government to make sure pot's still illegal and the republicans can still control you. Dont be asshole naive idiots. Fight the Submission. because all you are is a staple to society. you are nothing. you will be nothing. you will become either a doctor or teacher and bitch and over all fuck us over even more. abercrombie is a stupid brainwashing store with nothing better to do but be racist and steal your cash,and style....
"i wish everyone was an abercrombie zombie...."

"yeah its depressing to see what our world has become"
by a rather smart person February 05, 2010

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