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A band from Germany. Originally, the lead singer are of American Jewish religion. They had made dark and enchanting industrial metal music since 1995. Contrary to commen sense they are not neo-Nazi, despite the fact that many evidences prove that they are (eg. their song Amerika, which express the omniscent of American culture over the world, might say that they detest America). Some of their songs are played in a monophonic matter with strings (eg. violin) or vocal (eg. choir). As for their own lyrics are poetic and full of dynamics (eg sforzando, piano...etc).
Perhaps their best known etiquettes are their elaborate, pyrotechnic filled concert that often cause arson problem.
The band has achieved success beyond their country, and are still making music.
Keine Lust
"Du Hast" is a pun
Rammstein's latest album as of Dec. 2005 is Rosenrot (rose-red in English)
They are named after a town that experienced an air show accident
by a muscular woman January 05, 2006

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