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used in Romeo and Juliet. during that time period it was the equal of flicking someone off= highly offensive.
"do you bite your thumb at us sir?"
"yeah, wanna make something of it?"
by a loser March 11, 2004
Someone with a morbid lack of optimism and fixated belief that things will always go wrong.

also known as: NG Waves
"Why don't you knock it off with them Negative Waves! Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here. Why can't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change" - Oddball (Kelly's Heroes 1970)
by a loser July 06, 2004
The most dangerous sort of person. By means of intuition, thought, symbols, and words, a philosopher may build or destroy civilizations, all behind the scenes, unknown by those who end up using her ideas as everyday beliefs. The power of the philosopher, for good or ill, often lasts well beyond the grave, over centuries and millennia.

Philosophers aim at discovering truth. As truth is perspectival and has an historical aspect, no philosopher or philosophy captures all truth absolutely in all its possible nuances and applications. Many thinkers misunderstand this fact of reality and human finitude, while other schools have grasped it.

Those that don't understand the limited nature of human beings believe their philosophy is a complete system that explains reality absolutely, usually with disastrous consequences historically; those that do understand this create philosophies that are open-ended and admit that progress in understanding is possible over time, each generation adding and amending errors as needed.
"Hegel, an absolutist 19th c. philosopher who believed he had explained all of reality, influenced Karl Marx, who, in turn, believed his philosophy explained all of reality. In turn, Ayn Rand took Marx's philosophy and turned it upside-down and, just as absolutely, believed she had completely explained all of reality. All three philosophers have had a certain detrimental effect on history - Hegel influencing Nazism, Marx Communism, and Rand an authoritarian resurrection of Laissez-Faire Capitalism and worship of selfishness."
by A Loser July 30, 2012
1. A person who, by carelessness or design, speaks the equivalent of gibberish, feigns intelligence while spouting thoroughgoing nonsense, and often dresses in the manner of a color-blind peacock, this last part is optional.

2. A person, who by carelessness or design, says things that may, on the surface, sound like gibberish and unintelligent nonsense, but, upon closer inspection, is sharing wisdom in the form of riddles. Often dresses in the fashion of a color-blind peacock, but this is optional.
"I can't decide if that boy is a natural born fool or if he's a damn genius."
by A Loser July 30, 2012
an adjective describing someone who is acting like a dumb and stupid loser, or something that would be done by a loser.
Michelle has been acting so losericious lately.

That was such a losericious party.
by a loser March 03, 2005
It's like Alice's Wonderland, except a hell of a lot more machines. Oh, sorry, no Chesire Cat. -_-
Morpheus: Take the red pill and I'll show you how far the rabbit hole goes.
Neo: *takes the red pill* Oh boy! Alice is a HOTTIE!
by a loser November 08, 2003
To fuck up on something
I fucking totally flubbed up this stupid thing.
by a loser March 30, 2003

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