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A neighborhood thats like it was rejected from Disney's Hannah montanna/ Good luck charlie for racism. It is also a wannabe rich part of Johnstown, that pertends to be better than all the people at "the bottom of the hill", it also gets more credit for its stupid petty acts that were already accomplished, they claim that their schools are better than " the bottom of the hill" but they are worse like the goverment has to give them money so they can get all the special classes for the kids, the kids there are wannabe urban kids ( ex.justin beiber), who are still funding from their great great grandparents slave money. Bullying is very high and drugs is very common there, if you go to the playground at night, you will see some real freaks. The area is going through bankruptcy, due to the new retarted idea of a million dollar school. So bottom line is if the westmont people could put a slogan for their neighborhood snop heaven, coloreds in the back.
a normal conversation in westmonthilltop pA
black girl: hi
Haley: hhheeey ( annoying highpitched voice)black- nothing!! like did you her the newa lil wayne song?
black girl: umm i hate lil wayne
Haley: yaaay haha
black girl: did you ask that question because im black
Haley: like umm noo!! haha i hate lilo wayne hes soo uuuggly
black girl: umm okay
Haley: like justin beiber is soo cute, he is like yummy!!
black girl: omg im outta here
Haley: wait!! BLACK- um i mean wait girl!!
Haley's mom: why did u chase her away, we have to have her here so i can tell my friends my daughter has a black friend, so i can prove that im such a rebel!!
by a local of westmont August 11, 2011

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