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Some damn place where everyone who approaches you asks 3 things: age, gender and place of living. People ask for marriages and relationships that are just no use. There is no point to this game. You walk around, WOW!
Habbo1: Tell me your age, gender and place of living
Habbo2: OK!

A short while later

Habbo1: Can we get married?
Habbo2: Yep sure, it's only a game

Next Day
Habbo1 arrives at habbo2's house with a ring

Habbo2: I didn't really want to marry you.
Habbo1: Noooooooooooooooooo. I'm gonna sulk for the rest of my life!
by a la dude May 31, 2005
A weeble
Brilliant flash animation
weebl: Want pie now!
weebl: lo Bob, You have Pie?
Bob: Yes
weebl: I like Pie!
Bob: Yes
weebl: Pie is good!
by a la dude March 15, 2005
A word people use instead of saying oh my god
Some guy: oh my stott
other guy: that's fine just as long as you don't say oh my god
by a la dude March 15, 2005
something real cool or smooth
Some Guy: That is so fadawada
Other Guy: Yeah
Fadawada thing: I am so fadawada
by a la dude March 29, 2005
really really cool saying
some guy: FADAWADA!
other guy: that is so cool!
by a la dude March 15, 2005
1. A cool thing to say/shout
2. someone stupid
2. oh you fadawada
by a la dude March 15, 2005
1. Shut The Fuck Up

2. Stuff You

3. Still Fuck You - used after someone says FU
n00b: hello!
Pro: STFU I don't talk to n00bs

n00b: hello!

n00b: hello!
Pro: FU
n00b: still hello!
by a la dude May 31, 2005

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