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A school in the Lincoln park neighborhood of Chicago that is a perfect blend of "preppies" and "gangstaz". The school's mascot is a Lion and everything therefore has been tagged Lion's something, e.g. Lion's Roar newspaper. There is a hill nearby that a lot of people smoke at. Also, nextdoor is Oz Park which was the scene of a stabbing 3 or so years ago. Lincoln Park offers off-campus lunch starting Sophomore year but the neighborhood hates the kids, so that doesn't go too well...A whole bunch of freshies ditch to go off-campus and though a lot get caught, you might be lucky if the security guards are busy that day. There are two buildings - the Freshman building and main building. If you have classes in both, you get a yellow ID which some people manipulate to go off-campus when no one's looking. The school offers Arabic, French, Spanish and something else as languages and there are 4 levels of education - regular, honors, double honors and IB. You can always tell an IB kid if they are "texting" on their graphing calculators and such. The school has foodfights sometimes but other than that, there's nothing too exciting that happens. Yep, that's LP.
"Who's that kid with the graphing calculator?"
"Idk, must be some IB nerd from Lincoln Park High School"
by a kid who goes there April 16, 2008

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