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A visa for a non-immigrant (someone who is not intending to be a permanent citizen of US) who is a dependent (mainly spouse) of a H1B visa holder (who are non-immigrant workers from a foriegn country. The most miserable visa for a spouse who is legally restricted to work or earn even a penny . You are fully dependent on your working H1b spouse for every dollar. You get jealous , feel miserable and helpless all the time seeing those greencard and lucky L2 visa holders especially the L2 people who are the spouses of L1 visa holders. The L2s get to work though they too are non-immigrants. But look at the positive side, you can study in any university, you automatically become a super cook in your kitchen as you have no other work to do sitting around.
The best part is you get to spend a lot of time with your kids. Thats the only best part. You make good mothers that way.
Sheena (who is on H4): Hi, nice meeting you ritu :)
Ritu (who is a L2/greencard): Hi sheena, nice meeting you too, so do you work?
Sheena(sighing) : No I am on H4, what about you?
Ritu: Oh ok. Yes I am on L2 visa/Greencard, Raj is on L1 visa holder/Greencard. I am working as a Sales Girl in Target/Walmart/Staples/Toys r us/Babies r us/...list goes on...
Sheena (feeling hopeless and helpless,frustrated,miserable and ofcourse Jealous): Oh good :)
by a good cook April 07, 2008

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