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blessed sacrament has a sheltered caring envirment with loving people and great freinds that will last a life time...all of us go off to fab. schools most kids go off to some really smart ass collages aka harvard...they dont want anything to do with public school kids hu hate them because they r preppy and hott...basically public schools compete with them...but that doesnt mean public school kids hu hate them r bad...we(bss kids) still love them...everyone that goes to bss is lik a second family to everyone and they r willing to open thier hearts to everyone hu wants a freind...im not trying to make it seem lik evryone here is nice because they have mean ppl in every school dont get me wrong!but thier hearts turn around sooner or later....we r preppy, we wear ribbons and polo's and guys wear polos cept the once in a while gangster ppl hu manage ther way into bss but hu cares wat u wear or look lik...blessed sacrament teaches kids how to look behond the unplucked eyebrows and acne into the inner self of that person...they teach that and every thing u need to kno in life...math, la,social studies, science, foriegn language...and religion....how could u graduate from this school un prepared...i kno for a fact that wen i went to this school...i made some of the bestest freinds that ive made in a long time..thankyou
lonelykid-im all alone
bsskid-here ill be ur freind
by a girl from bss February 18, 2005

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