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A pretentious asshole who ruins a good time by attempting to impose their ill presumed superiority on others.
Gentleman 1: (In a snobby tone) "Hey everyone, I printed out itineraries for tonight's event."

Gentleman 2: "Thanks, but I dont need one."

Gentleman 1: (Offended) "Your loss man.

Gentleman 2: "Dude, don't be a fucking caias, nothing personal.
by A Concerned Friend June 05, 2013
football – no way jose, i hate jocks, and if you play football, your a jock, and right before you get into athletics, you'll tell us that you'll never change, and you'll always be our friend, n we tell you that "no, once you get into football, you'll change, b/c football does that to you" because we know that we are right and this is our last attempt to try to get you to stay in band, and you'll just say "i never follow stereotypes" but we say that this is different, and you get mad at us for "having your life planned out for you" which isnt true, were just pointing out the inevitable, and before you know it, you'll change, and you'll get your schedual changed, so you wont have any classes with us, and never talk to us band nerds again, and you'll date a cheerleader, and do drugs, and go to parties, and forget about band nerds,b/c your so wrapped up in being cool you'll be like, "losers" and shun us, and then you'll get tackeled while playing football, and you'll get paralyzed, either that or one night when you are driving home from one of those jock parties and youre all drunk and so are all of you drunk jock so called "friends" in the car, you'll crash, and your life will flash before your eyes, and when you'll be examinig your life, you'll look back and say, "if only i stayed in band with all my real friends, this would have never happened, and they would have never steered me wrong" and we'll come to your funerall and after we had cried and all that mess, we'll say a few words at your burial and those words will be "haha i told you so, you should have just stayed in band and played tuba, like all us cool people"... that's what will happen when you go from band to football. *heed the warning
Jacob will become a jock.
by a concerned friend December 21, 2004
AKA Josh Springer
"Hey guys, seriously we are at a 10, we need to take it down to about a 3.5 or Im gonna have to clean the kitchen"
by a concerned friend May 05, 2004

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