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A shortened form of The United States of America. This country is located below Canada in North America and is governed by two dominant political parties. Unfortunately for Americans, one of these parties -- known as the Republican party -- is composed of paranoid schizophrenic religious nutjobs who seem committed to living in the past instead of planning for the future. Because both parties are roughly equally balanced in power, little progress is made in America's political system, as the Republican party attempts to destroy the country while everyone else attempts to save it. Overall, the United States of America is a horrible place to live, especially if you have a vagina.
Person 1: "Damn! The republicans are at it again!"
Person 2: "What is it now?"
Person 1: "They're trying to slash funding for the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Planned Parenthood program, and all of our other public service programs!"
Person 2: "Fuck, man! They're trying to destroy the United States! It's time to move to Canada."
Person 1: "Fuck yeah!"
by a concerned citizen- May 15, 2011

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