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Unique way to spell Charlie, more girly. generally means
a girl who is known for being beautiful both inside and out. Usually on the shy side, they can come off as boring. However, once a Charliie opens up, she is charming, kind, intelligent and funny. Usually have great smiles. The girl that all the guys are secretly in love with. Said to be very good in bed. Charliies are fun-loving and enjoy being around people. Loves to party but is very chill, most Charlies are wild and crazy. They have a good sense of the world around them and love their family and friends. Anybody would be lucky to have a Charliie in their life.
'did you see that girl she's a real charliie'

'that top quality charliie right there'

'i wanna get myself a charliie'

'my gf is a real charliie'
by a,s,d,f, July 18, 2009

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