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a cigarette whose end (the end that you burn, not the filter) has been moistened and then dipped in cocaine

when smoked, you instantly get a slight high similar to the high you feel when you smoke crack.
"let me tap my cigarette in that coke before you cut it into lines"

"i like to smoke tapped cigarettes because it's a great way to feel a crack-like high without actually having to say that you've smoked crack before"
by _zima_ March 18, 2008
A device used for the sole purpose of snorting cocaine, such as a straw or other hollow plastic tube.

While rolled up paper currency can also be used to snort coke, it is not considered a puller because its use as a device for taking drugs is only a secondary function, not its main function.
Hand me the puller, I want to do another line
by _zima_ March 23, 2008
To dip the slightly moistened tip of a cigarette (the end that will be lit, not the filter end) in cocaine.

When smoked, a tapped cigarette produces a slight crack-like high.
Hey let me tap my cigarette in that blow before you cut it into lines.
by _zima_ March 23, 2008

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