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Noun: Similar to Road Soda. Alcoholic beverage consumed while in route to a destination where more alcoholic beverages will be consumed.
"Who needs a Road Rocket for the walk to the Beach?"
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
verb: To completely remove yourself from a disturbing situation.
"I was down at the bar, and these two pillow biters were making out with each other! Fucking eject!"
by _salesman_ May 07, 2005
Noun: Simiar to Road Rocket. An Alcoholic beverage consumed in route to an event or place where other alcoholic beverages will be consumed
"Laske, do you want a traveller for the ride to the Cotton Bowl?"
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
Noun: The in between stages of an erection. Not a full fledged boner, and not quite flacid.
I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up with a half loper.
by _salesman_ May 12, 2005
Noun: Another name for shit tickets. Also known as toilet paper.
"Hey Alex - I gotta take a huge grogan, and we're out of crapper coupons - please go get some while I take care of business."
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
Adjective: Similar to rediculious, but even more ludacris than you had originally imagined.
"Did you see the tits on that ho?!? Those were recockulious!!!"
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
Noun: Alcoholic drinks used to fuck one's self up.
"Hey Mader - let's grab some cacktails down at Sharkeez and check out the beautiful babies.
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
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